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Outsourced Call Center Services For Telecoms

A BPO Providing Outsourced Call Center Services For Telecom Companies

At Call Serv, we understand the unique challenges that telecom companies face in providing exceptional customer support while managing their diverse range of services, from broadband internet to cable, phone, and IT services.


That's why we offer tailored outsourced call center services specifically designed to meet the needs of telecom companies like yours.


You may already have a call center and need some help with spillover. Or you're looking to move your call center to a nearshore location.

By partnering with us, you gain access to a dedicated team of highly skilled customer service representatives who specialize in the telecom industry. Our agents are trained to handle a wide range of inquiries, from new service sign-ups and billing inquiries to technical support and service troubleshooting.


With their extensive knowledge and expertise, they ensure that every customer interaction is handled with the utmost professionalism and efficiency.

One of the key benefits of outsourcing your call center needs to us is the significant cost savings you can achieve. By eliminating the need to hire, train, and manage an in-house team, you can reduce overhead costs and allocate your resources more efficiently.

Call Serv is also located in the Caribbean, giving you nearshore access with neutral accents and high educational backgrounds. Caribbean teams are also aware of culture and nuance. 


Our scalable solutions also allow you to adjust your call center capacity based on demand, ensuring optimal cost-effectiveness and flexibility.

When you choose Call Serv, you can rest assured that your customers will receive prompt and personalized assistance. Our advanced call center technology, including intelligent call routing and CRM integration, enables us to provide a seamless customer experience.


We prioritize delivering excellent service, building strong customer relationships, and enhancing customer satisfaction on your behalf.

Outsourcing your call center services to us also allows you to focus on what matters most: growing your telecom business. With the burden of customer support lifted from your shoulders, you can redirect your time and resources towards expanding your services, improving network infrastructure, and developing innovative solutions for your customers.

Join numerous telecom companies, like TSTT and Cable and Wireless Communications, who have experienced the benefits of partnering with us for their outsourced call center needs.


Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you provide exceptional customer support while maximizing your operational efficiency. Let us be your trusted partner in delivering outstanding service to your valued customers in the telecom industry.

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