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Our Technology
At the core of our business you will find our robust and attested call center technology. While we work hard, we work smart by outfitting our call centers with a wide range of telecommunications hardware and software including automated phone systems capable of answering incoming phone calls and performing outbound autodialing.
Inbound Call Center Solutions
Inbound telemarketing is a pioneering technique used to naturally steer customers to your business without having to depend on advertisements. Choose Call Serve to meticulously inform current, new and potential customers who may be seeking information about your business or promotions.
Recruitment and Selection
For more than 8 years, Call Serv Limited has provided local and multinational firms across Trinidad and Tobago with support professionals to fill temporary, contract and permanent work.
Why Call Serv
We partner with our clients to build customer trust and value by taking ownership of every call and providing a quality experience the first time, every time. Call Serv delivers first class customer management solutions both regionally and internationally with a strong commitment to integrity, excellence and complete customer satisfaction.
Outbound Call Center Solutions
Outbound telemarketing is the process of contacting potential or current customers directly to promote your business or any special offers.
Payroll Solutions
Call Serv offers convenient and affordable payroll solutions for contract employees.
Ready To Hire A Call Center Partner?
Have questions about Location, Pricing, Strategy or Selection? Then, you have found the right place! CallServ is a Call Center Outsourcing Specialist with vast experience in Support, Sales, Lead Generation, & Back Office Processing.
Interactive Solutions
Looking for that social reach or presence?
Our Experience
We have implemented Contact Center Solutions for a variety of regional providers with excellent performance. We continue to remain at the forefront of Contact Center Operations within the Caribbean through active advancement of technologies and customer engagement methods and strategies.
Back Office Solutions
Back Office Processing is one of the major services needed by businesses today. The use of external call center agencies is a very efficient and cost effective way to address your BPO needs. Our call center partners are experts at delivering the necessary back office processing results day in and day out.
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